• hi,
    for some reason, the plugin is not working with URL jobs (it's working fine with shell jobs).
    when I create a new cron job for my users, it just goes back to "Vue d'ensemble" page, without any error message. If I go back to the cron jobs page, it shows nothing "Rien a été trouvé - Désolé". Of course I get no emails.

    plugin version 1.1.0
    i-MSCP 1.1.22
    Build: 20150206
    Codename: Eagle
    Linux debian wheezy

    the logfile "Plugin_module_CronJobs.log" is empty. I tried to install the instantssh plugin, but it doesn't help.
    thanks for help, regards, Claude.

    EDIT: i found this in my syslog, not sure if it's related:

    Apr 16 17:23:01 XX /usr/sbin/cron[3775]: (*system*imscp) RELOAD (/etc/cron.d/imscp)
    Apr 16 17:23:01 XX cron[3775]: Error: bad username; while reading /etc/cron.d/imscp
    Apr 16 17:23:01 XX /usr/sbin/cron[3775]: (*system*imscp) ERROR (Syntax error, this crontab file will be ignored)

    EDIT2: looks like these messages are not related to this bug. looks like I found a second problem :-)

    EDIT3: OK, I found the bug. this line is wrong in file /etc/cron.d/imscp:
    @daily * * * root /var/www/imscp/engine/backup/imscp-backup-all yes &>/var/log/imscp/imscp-backup-all-mngr.log
    should remove the stars...

    The problem with the crontab plugin remains...

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