Quota display in i-mscp

  • How would you like to edit the quota for a mail account 4

    1. Quota should be edited as a specific setting (image1) (4) 100%
    2. Quota should be edited from menu edit (image2) (0) 0%

    Hi, what do you think of adding the quota display in i-mscp? This had already been working in ispcp time, but we would like to integrate it with i-mscp.

    I have made a mockup with the details on how would it look.

    Any comments will be appreciated.

    Option 1

    Option 2

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  • Around the end of next week I hope this will be funcional, there will be some parts still missing (such as hide when using courier)

  • I've just added a poll to valorate which way do the people prefer the quota edition, also if you've a better idea just tell me :)

  • I'm glad that ther first option won, it was mine too :), si I'll work on that...