do you have docs on how to setup ssl with postfix, pop, imap and courier?

  • hi

    please note
    while creating the csr file i wrote my server name has and not (i read somewhere that comodo will add along with the i realised what could be a potential error after purchase :( ... i really hope this will not be a problem.

    the bundle file has been created and its contents, the .crt and the .key files from comodo are copied into the imscp domain ssl page. everything went fine.
    now i want to configure the postfix server. i tried to follow this link but the paths are different to imscp .... the link is
    is there a document guide that i could follow or if one has time can explain all the paths settings and other adjustable areas that i need to do in order to get my mail server secured then finally a way to verify that ssl is working with my mail server.


  • lol there was nothing to set-up.
    for other less educated ssl users like myself
    verification can be done by doing

    openssl s_client -connect your server ipAddress:465 will give you a mail check with tls status in a reply mail


  • As far as I know there's no i-MSCP documentation yet.

    The link you provided does seem to have gotten the point, so is this topic fixed now?

    I do think that there should be an option in the i-mscp interfacte to put SSL certificates in for other daemons (Email (Dovecot/Postfix/Courier etc), FTP, just like web. It's one of the suggestions I'll have.