[Remote bridge] Welcome mail

  • Hi,

    I was building something small to be able to add users to the system externally, of course I used the remotebridge plugin as provided.
    Now I was wondering whether it would be possible for it to send out the welcome mail. I couldn't find an API-option in the Wiki so I went searching in the i-MSCP core how this works.

    Wouldn't it be nice to be able to add a notify function for new users (an extra array-entry of $dataToEncrypt, notify_user) ? So they get that welcome mail, password changed mail or whatever action is performed.

    This example could be implemented for just welcome emails.

    Below line 939 and onwards in remotebridge.php

    Now some of these are not being set yet, like first and last name, neither does the tr function work.
    onAfterAddDomain should then include first and last name too.

    Would this be an idea?

  • The remotebridge plugin will not be updated anymore. It needs a full rewrite but first the imscp gui needs a rewrite. If you want you can do this changes locally, but it will not be included into the repository :)

  • Copy that.
    For anyone who's interested, hit the spoiler button.
    It requires that you post fname + lname. Apart from the already required domain name, reseller and password.
    Make sure to also sanitize the posted data.

    Questions? Just shoot me a message.

  • Post moved ;)


  • Not to me, it's not my repo :) In github just create a pull request to this repo, may @FISA4 will merge it..

  • I will review the code on weekend. Next days i have to repair my mothers car ( damaged piston), work (to earn millions for the parts needed to repair the fucking car. :D ) and fix some tiny bugs in RemoteBridge at night.