Swekey - Control panel and PhpMyAdmin

  • Hi to all.
    I use Swekey for login in single php environment and now I like to use for pma of imscp.
    I enabled
    $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_swekey_config'] = '/etc/swekey-pma.conf';
    in pma conf but it don't work (in other server with only pma standalone it work simple because is integrated).

    Also it would be the best if the swekey can be enabled at imscp contorl panel page, I think this can be important for reseller.

  • I Think, thats not a Feature for i-MSCP. In PMA nothing is Changed especially for i-MSCP, so Swekey should work.

    But note. On updates, pma Config will be overritten.

    @ others: For more Info's about Swekey:


    And btw: WRONG FROUM. Nexttime you r3ecive an Warnig ;) Thats not a Bug ;)

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  • Hi,
    can I ask if your "should work" was tested? I have other simple server with pma and the configuration work normally. If this not work, as pma is component of imscp, I think it can be a not related imscp bug in imscp forum, isn't it?.
    The request for have it in control panel sure will in whishlist (and hope you can do this :) ) .

    Thank you and have a good day.

  • In short:

    1. $cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_swekey_config'] = '/etc/swekey-pma.conf';

    will not work because the PHP open_basedir parameter prevent access to that file for the panel web user (vu2000).


  • And where I can put the file to bypass the restriction (or other workaround sure)? The best would be to have a different configuration file not shared with other user.
    Thank you!

  • @m4rv1n

    We are not here to learn you how to change a PHP parameter.