i-MSCP - OPCODE cache (opcache, APC)

  • Hello ;

    For those which have activated an opcode cache for i-MSCP (the panel), they should be aware of the following:

    Currently, i-MSCP doesn't handle any cache feature such as the opcode cache clearing. This mean that when you update a plugin by uploading it through the plugin interface or when you are changing a plugin configuration file, you must not forget to also restart Apache, else, the old file will be used (in case where the timestamp checking on files is disabled).

    In next release 1.1.19; the needed routines to clear the cache when needed will be added. You must note that only APC and opcache will be supported.

    Note to the developers: When you're developing a plugin or anything else related to i-MSCP, do not forget to disable any opcode cache.

    i-MSCP Team