Please tell us why the change in units.

  • Please tell us the reason that separates the unit of the GB and GiB.
    In Japan, unit GiB, MiB etc. is not used.

  • Nuxwin wanted to use SI units. Was a long talk about this. In the end result is what you see.

  • Please read

    long time ago, a Kilobyte were 1024 Bytes - but more and more manufaturer began to use Kilo... = 1000 to propagate the size of the hd/memory.
    Officially (SI) Kilo is 1000 so in 1999 they introduces the kibibyte where kibi = 1024 (bi = binary)...

    Not all OS do use the official Prefix now - or still write KB instead of KiB... it's a matter of time until everyone gets used to it.
    For me the kibi makes sense when talking about computer memory (hd etc).

    Maybe best would be to make it configurable... ;-)