Debian Jessie - php5-fpm - i-MSCP - broken


    Work in progress. A fix will come soon.


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    Should be fixed. See…814fde1aa6850c11db67ce9fe

    Changes - Small summary

    The FastCGI module is no longer used with Debian Jessie (and any distro which provides Apache >= 2.4.9). I say 2.4.9 version here because the UDS (Unix Domain Sockets) are only supported with Apache >= 2.4.9 ;)

    We are now using the proxy_fcgi and the proxy_handler Apache extension modules instead. Because the proxy_handler module is only available with Apache >= 2.4.10 (which is not yet available in Debian Jessie repository), I've imported this module in i-MSCP directly. The module is compiled and installed automatically by the i-MSCP installer when needed (according the Apache version in use and only when the PHP5-FPM server implementation is selected). Without this module (usage of the proxy_fcgi module alone), the .htaccess files (eg. rewrite rules) are not processed because the proxy doesn't map files on filesystem.

    Some tests are needed. We'll maybe have to adjust some parameters for the proxy (timeout and so on...). Thank you for testing this.

    @gOOvER I'll merge those changes into the nginx-panel branch soon ;)

    BTW: I've tested those changes with some PHP applications such as:

    • i-MSCP (of course)
    • Zend Framework 2 (Application skeleton)
    • WoltLab Community Framework 2.1
    • Pydio
    • PhpMyAdmin

    Normally, by using the proxy_fcgi module, the server should be more stable (the recurring problems coming from the FastCGI module should be gone) ;)


  • @gOOvER

    The changes from stable branch are now merged in nginx-panel branch ;)