[OUTDATED]Replace courier with dovecot

  • This is the i-mscp guide to install dovecot and migrate from courier

    .- The guide for dovecot 1.2 + quota on db (recomended) can be found here

    Also I will try to keep here an updated copy of the imscp-dovecot-mngr (mandatory since there is password encryption) in this thread so It's easy to find and reference from other places.
    The script allows to use usernames in capitals (some users would enter Test@example.com instead of test@example.com), remember that your mail_location should be something like

    1. mail_location = maildir:%h
    2. so it will retieve the home from database and bypass the case sensitivity problems.

    Dovecot related issues
    changes in master.cf to improve dovecot user experience
    This is a small patch so we don't have to manually do the changes i master.cf on every upgrade, it won't conflict on a courier installation

    Increase default quota to 100MB
    The default quota is currently 10MB, it only affects dovecot because courier is not able to deal with quotas in mailboxes.

    Fixed issues


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  • No longer needed. Dovecot is fully integrated in current trunk (future Beta 5)