BoxBilling PRO license hack

  • For those that want try BoxBilling with a PRO license

    Through the i-MSCP control panel

    1. As reseller, create the domain
    2. As reseller, create the domain alias, set the shared mount point option to yes and select in the select list

    Apache side

    3. Edit the /etc/apache2/imscp/ and /etc/apache2/imscp/ files to add the following content

    1. <Directory /var/www/virtual/> RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/license.php$ RewriteRule .* license.php [L]</Directory>

    License server file

    1. Create the /var/www/virtual/ file (with proper permissions) and add the following content into it

    1. <?phpecho json_encode( array( 'result' => array( 'licensed_to' => 'FIRMNAME', 'created_at' => '2011-01-06T11:07:01+00:00', 'expires_at' => '', 'valid' => true, 'error' => NULL, 'error_code' => NULL ), 'error' => NULL ));

    BoxBilling side

    1. Edit the bb-config.php which is located at the root of your boxbilling installation and change the license constant to

    1. define('BB_LICENSE', 'PRO-FIRMNAME');

    6. Restart Apache2.

    Enjoy ;)

    Note: The procedure above allow your server to bypass the boxbilling server license key by responding itself to any license check.
    Tested with the last BoxBilling version 3.6.11. I've used this procedure just for fun and once again to prove that any PHP based software cannot be locked. If you use that procedure and gain some money with BoxBilling, I would recommend you to pay for a true license.


  • That´s a nice topic, i´ll test that tomorrow
    and give Feedback.

  • I'm guessing this is an Ubuntu-exclusive tutorial because whenever I use the command

    cd /etc/apache2/imscp/

    it doesn't work and says there's no directory or files. Is there a CentOS tutorial?

  • You're in the i-MSCP forum... If you have knowledge you can modify by your own, but we'll not give you support here, sorry.

  • And by the way, BoxBilling is now free so this thread is not longer relevant...