after installation php sites doesen't work on client webs

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    Bug found. It seem that the reload feature is broken. See for further details (two last comments are the most important here)

    To resume, because the reload signal was not implemented in upstart < 1.10.0 the maintainer had the bad idea to comment out the reload line for the last PHP5 package source.

    We cannot live with such a bug. Even if we can do a restart in place of a simple reload, this is not a way to go because on the panel as on many sites, the users will get an errors 500. Well, I'll fix this issue by comment out the upstart part which will allow to run the common init script in place.


  • Should be fixed in last stable branch. See…6b625fe37dc2bb34dee56649f


  • good morning ;-)
    one little notice i have found out.
    yesterday i tested i-mscp on a new installed ubuntu 14 virtual machine.
    today i installed i-mscp on my used root server, because ispconfig i don't want/can not loger use (ubuntu 14 incompatible)
    after installation no php sites are possible too, but today i can see the source code from the php sites in the browser. i tried to restart php..., apt-get update, nightly version over git installed. nothing helped. the solution: i replaced the hole /etc/apache2 directory on my root server with the apache2 directory from my test vm from yesterday and now everything is fine :-)

    i believe that perhaps some files are missing in the mods subdirectory after install i-mscp on my server.

    best regards and good night ;-)

  • If you install it without removing any components of ISPconfig, this could be the problem you get.

    On a VPS from one user there, his VPS (Debian 7) was installed with web basis (Apache2, BIND, dovecot/courier, postfix, etc...), without uninstall of those, the i-MSCP install was failing, and even if it succeeded, were getting issue with the panel so...