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    This plugin provides full or jailed shell accesses to i-MSCP customers.
    A customer to which SSH permissions are given can create SSH users and use them to login on the server.

    For each customer, you can set the maximum number of allowed SSH users and choose if they can override the default
    authentication options.

    Plugin purchasing
    Once connected on our forums, you can purchase this plugin at

  • Version 0.0.2 has been released in plugin store.


    • Fixed: Checkbox remain checked whatever the value from database (ssh permissions UI)
    • Fixed: Customer shouldn't be able to edit full SSH key. Only key options must be editable
    • Fixed: Number of bound variables does not match... (ssh permissions UI - edit action)
    • Fixed: Unregistered data 'navigation'


  • Version 1.0.0 has been released in plugin store.


    • Added: Configuration option allowing to define which SSH authentication options can be overridden by customers
    • Added: SSH authentication options validator and converter (string to array and vice versa)
    • Fixed: All keys are shown in datatable whatever the owner
    • Fixed: SSH users are not logged out when SSH permissions are revoked
    • Fixed: Unable to delete customer account
    • Fixed: Unable to update in some contexts


  • Version 1.0.1 has been released in plugin store.


    • Fixed: Version 1.0.0 is not compatible with i-MSCP version 1.1.5


  • Hi,

    "This plugin allow to give your customers a full SSH access".
    So you can set customers as a root-user? Or can they see all folders on the system or just folders they are allowed to?


  • Hello ;

    Here , the term "full SSH access" mean that the user is not chrooted (such as when using jailkit). Therefore, he can access any world-readable file/directory on the file system. Normally, he cannot read content of other customer's web folders because the permissions for their homedir are set to 0750. To resume, the user can do all what can be done by an normal unix user (no root user).


  • Okay, thank you. I'ld prefer, if they do not see the other folders and so one because of privacy protection... i know that they can not read the files, but they can read the names of the folders, files... the structure of a site, but what else...

  • Re;

    Well, you'll have to wait the jailkit plugin so ;)


  • @jonci

    The external library which we are using in GUI do not support the DSA keys. I'm wondering why you do not follow the instruction as it's mentioned in the GUI interface...