i-MSCP 1.1.2 released

  • Dear community,

    It's with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availability of i-MSCP 1.1.2, which is a maintenance release.

    This new release addresses the following issues:


    • Replaced: apache2-suexec/apache2-suexec-pristine packages by apache2-suexec-custom package


    • Fixed: Old passwords are still working even when they are updated (courier-authdaemon)


    • Added: __need_change__ field which ensure plugin change on plugin reactivation
    • Changed: The updatePluginList action is no longer automatically triggered when a plugin is uploaded
    • Fixed: db_schema_version info field which is used by some plugin must be persistent
    • Fixed: Plugin info are partially updated
    • Updated: Plugin API to version 0.2.6 (changes are backward compatible)


    • Fixed #1021: Bug - Some htusers are not added into the htgroup file

    Furthermore, all languages files were synchronized with the last available versions on Transifex.

    We would like to remind you that any bugs found should be reported on our issues tracker.

    Feel free to use this new version and get in touch with us about any improvement that you would like see integrated.


    Thanks you for using i-MSCP.