Deactivate altenative url like

  • Hello ;

    No option available at the moment to disable this feature. I'll see if I can add that in next maintenance branch without breaking anything.


  • Thats a nice feature, i wait for the next maintenance branch. I think the best option ist that only an admin can change this serverwide.
    After the disable from the admin, all customer account doesn't show the link. The admin can acitive this feature again and the link shows under customer.

    Do you have better ideas about this feature?


  • You can retry in English?


  • I have the opposite problem of it. The alternative URLs hadn't been created in the DNS.

    I have 39 domains on server but only some subdomains have alternative URL in DNS and there are any alternative URLs for domains (vuXXXX.admin.domain.tld).

    For example:
    If I create the 40th (whatever.tld) domain then vu2040.admin.domain.tld won't be created in DNS but if I create the dev.whatever.tld subdomain the vu2040subXX.admin.domain.tld will be created.

    sorry, it's a known problem: