Spamassassin not working?

  • Hi,

    i install the spamassassin plugin and i send a Testmail.
    I cant see a working spamassassin in the Header:

    Is the Header ok?


  • You sent a testmail to the server where you have installed spamassassin or the other way?

  • Please check if you have this entry in your /etc/postfix/

    1. # Begin Plugins::i-MSCPmilter_default_action = acceptsmtpd_milters = # Begin Plugin::SpamAssassin unix:/spamass/spamass.sock # Ending Plugin::SpamAssassinnon_smtpd_milters = $smtpd_milters# Begin Plugin::SpamAssassin::Macrosmilter_connect_macros = j {daemon_name} v {if_name} _# Ending Plugin::SpamAssassin::Macros# Ending Plugins::i-MSCP

    or post the output of the following command:

    1. # postconf smtpd_milters
  • Okay,

    i think i found my problem .. i install the clamav plugin after the spamassassin plugin and this overwrite the smtp_milter entry:

    1. # Begin Plugins::i-MSCPmilter_default_action = accept# Begin Plugin::SpamAssassin::Macrosmilter_connect_macros = j {daemon_name} v {if_name} _# Ending Plugin::SpamAssassin::Macrossmtpd_milters = # Begin Plugin::OpenDKIM inet:localhost:4562 # Ending Plugin::OpenDKIMnon_smtpd_milters = $smtpd_milters# Begin Plugin::SpamAssassin::Macrosmilter_connect_macros = j {daemon_name} v {if_name} _# Ending Plugin::SpamAssassin::Macros# Ending Plugins::i-MSCP# Begin Plugins::i-MSCPmilter_default_action = acceptsmtpd_milters = # Begin Plugin::ClamAV unix:/clamav/clamav-milter.ctl # Ending Plugin::ClamAVnon_smtpd_milters = $smtpd_milters# Ending Plugins::i-MSCP

    is the following code right?

    1. smtpd_milters = unix:/clamav/clamav-milter.ctl, unix:/spamass/spamass.sock
  • now, it works ;-)

    1. X-Spam-Status: No, score=0.2 required=5.0 tests=DKIM_SIGNED,DKIM_VALID,
    3. TVD_SPACE_RATIO autolearn=no version=3.3.2
    4. X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.3.2 (2011-06-06) on

    Thaks for your help ..

  • I will check this. But normaly the ClamAV can't overwrite the Tags from SpamAssasin, because there a some other tags

    1. # Begin Plugin::ClamAV
    2. unix:/clamav/clamav-milter.ctl
    3. # Ending Plugin::ClamAV
    4. # Begin Plugin::SpamAssassin
    5. unix:/spamass/spamass.sock
    6. # Ending Plugin::SpamAssassin

    I'd installed this plugins this week three times an i didn't had this problem.

  • It is really strange. I will also check, because in some cases on my system the SA entry was also gone. Now I have to identify in which cases.

  • I found the problem and fixed it.
    It occurred only on systems where at least the plugins OpenDKIM and SpamAssassin were installed and both plugins changed their smtpd_milters entries in the file of postfix.

    Please update to the SpamAssassin version 0.0.4 if you have this problem and check for a clean entry in the file.

    In the example above all three plugins are activated: ClamAV, OpenDKIM and SpamAssassin