SSL certificate from 3,99 Euro per year

  • Startcom, has a nice price if you need it for tls with mail, ftp and https and i'm client for three years, so its very fast to confirm a website. If you than need a cert for a subdomain you can create it in 30 sec. thats why i use it sometimes.

    But i will never use it for a store or for traffic that needs more secure. Most time i use it if i devel/test new sites. Thats all.

    Okay than i will never buy a VW at out local VW-Partner :D He drives a Mercedes ;) has good prices for SSL Certs...

    If you have a european company with tax/vat than you must also pay the tax/vat that is not included. But its more easy to buy from an company in europe.

  • Hmm also my skoda partner drives an BMW.
    My Boss doesn't use products that we are producing.

    But this has nothing to say, about the quality of the Products that they are selling.

    I still can't understand why you don't give him a chance. Other resellers even don't have ssl enabled on their website.

    When there is no user data handled on the website, why should he buy an certificate when he can use one that is completely free and as effective as an purchased?

    Guys ... YOU want the cheapest shit on the Market,
    but the Reseller that makes less profit because the cheap prices he is offering to YOU ...
    should spend much money even if it's not necessary?

    Companies like namecheap can make low prices, because of the mass they are selling in one day.
    But little companies like DeineAgenturUG have to count every penny to not get insolvent.

    Think about it ...
    Put mind in gear BEFORE opening mouth!