i-MSCP 1.1.0 released

  • Dear community,

    It's with great pleasure that we announce the immediate availability of i-MSCP 1.1.0, which is our second stable release.

    New features

    • Backup feature for setup dialog
    • Command line options for installer and setup scripts
    • Composer (Packagist) support for addons
    • Engine hooks manager
    • External mail server support
    • MariaDb server support
    • PHP-FPM support
    • Plugin API for both FrontEnd and Backend
    • Preseed feature for installer
    • Remote MySQL server support
    • Support for Apache 2.4.x branch
    • Support for external distro repositories
    • Web folders protection using FS extended attributes
    • a lot more...

    Bugfixes and Enhancements


    • Added: Awstats - logresolvemerge.pl script for last rotated log processing
    • Fixed: Awstats - _addAwstatsSection() event listener is registered too many times
    • Fixed: Awstats - Avoid concurrent processes of the awstats_updateall.pl script
    • Fixed: Awstats - Error: Couldn't open server log file... (missing files are now ignored silently)
    • Fixed: Awstats - Traffic data are lost when logs are rotated
    • Fixed: Roundcube|PhpMyAdmin installers - Ensure that database tables exist (recovery case)
    • Fixed: Roundcube - Wrong SQL server host when using remote server
    • Fixed: PhpMyAdmin 4.1.0 is only compatible with MySQL Server version 5.5 and newer
    • Removed: Awstats - logrotate entry (no longer needed)


    • Changed: Tools access is now provided only through the panel domain
    • Disabled: PHP opcache module for master (needed for some tools which are not compatible with this module)
    • Removed: Useless wget-hack prevention which doesn't prevent nothing in reality
    • Removed: mod_fastcgi support (FastCGI is now provided through mod_fcgid only)
    • Removed: Useless logs directory from both subdomain and alias Web folder skeletons
    • Updated: Apache2 logrotate configuration file (logs are now rotated daily)
    • Updated: Fcgid/PHP-FPM config to fit with servers which have at least 4GiB ram



    • Added: System (UNIX) user/group names are now stored in database
    • Added: IMSCP_CLEAR_SCREEN environment variable which allows to not clear the terminal screen at end of script
    • Added: SPF records for subdomains and external mail servers
    • Changed: Event listeners are now persistent. This allow to avoid self-registering
    • Changed: iMSCP::Templator renamed to iMSCP::TemplateParser
    • Changed: IP source for outbound mails is now set to the base server IP (Postfix - Temporary fix)
    • Changed: Inet protocol is now set according the base server IP type (Postfix - Temporary fix)
    • Fixed: Do not compute traffic data for disabled domains
    • Fixed: External command died with signal 9 (without core dump)
    • Fixed: iMSCP::Rights - Any target referenced by a symlink must not be affected by owner/group modification
    • Fixed: Keep current unix user uid/gid when updating the SYSTEM_USER_PREFIX and SYSTEM_USER_MIN_UID parameters
    • Fixed: Missing customer logs directories cannot be re-created (permissions denied)
    • Fixed: Pass-in domain data to the listeners which listen to the *HttpdBuildConfFile and *HttpdBuildConf events
    • Fixed: Proftpd server is down after update
    • Fixed: Removed useless file tests on directory deletion
    • Fixed: Traffic data must not be lost in case where the imscp-vrl-traff script dies for any reason
    • Fixed: Upstart/SysV init - Interoperability
    • Fixed: Usage of dynamic resolv.conf (See resolvconf(8))
    • Fixed: Wrong DNS record type for subdomain with IPv6 (A instead of AAAA)
    • Removed: Useless bind9 templates
    • Removed: Useless backup and users log directories (Httpd server impl.)
    • Renamed: iMSCP::Boot to iMSCP::Bootstrapper
    • Replaced: iMSCP::IP library by IMSCP::Net library (full rewrite using iproute tools instead of net-tools)
    • Replaced: imscp-apache-logger by vlogger (i-MSCP specific version)
    • Rewritten: getTraffic() methods from server implementations
    • Rewritten: iMSCP::Database class
    • Rewritten: imscp-srv-traff and imscp-vrl-traff scripts


    • Added: proc_open and popen in PHP editor
    • Added: quoteValue() function, which allow to quote string for use in SQL statements
    • Removed: IP domain name and IP alias name
    • Removed: Useless ip_ssl_domain_id field form server_ips database table


    • Added: Support for local plugin configuration files (See data/persistent/plugins/README.md)
    • Fixed: Plugin interface must always show the last plugin available version
    • Fixed: Bulk action must not be a valid option (Plugin interface)
    • Fixed: When a new plugin version is available, the plugin must be updated and not only enabled
    • Updated: Plugin API to version 0.2.4


    • Fixed: Auto installer must check for any i-MSCP running process
    • Fixed: Composer process timeout must be increased for slow connections
    • Fixed: Unable to add external repository (Lucid...)


    • Updated: Net_DNS2 to version 1.3.2


    • Fixed #0528: Bug - The resolv.conf file shouldn't be edited manually
    • Fixed #0969: Defect - IPv6 addresses are not removed properly through interface
    • Fixed #0972: Bug - Adding second External Mailserver gives an error (Edit mode)
    • Fixed #0974: Bug - Customers assignment doesn't work if the first reseller hasn't any client
    • Fixed #0975: Bug - Customers assignment - disk limitation check doesn't work correctly
    • Fixed #0976: Bug - Wrong syntax for the mail quota value
    • Fixed #0978: Defect - SPF records for subdomains and external mail server
    • Fixed #0980: Bug - PHP-Editor - Values not saved while adding new customer
    • Fixed #0982: Defect - No access to /var/www from localhost
    • Fixed #0987: Bug - Backup - iMSCP::Database::mysql::mysql::dumpdb: mysqldump: Couldn't find table...
    • Fixed #0989: Security Issue - Any user on a server can read others files
    • Fixed #0990: Security issue - Any user can obtain mysql root password
    • Fixed #0992: Bug - Hungarian welcome e-mail UTF-8 problem
    • Fixed #0995: Defect - Missing scrollbar in Ftp directory chooser dialog
    • Fixed #1000: Bug - When a domain is being disabled, apache won't restart
    • Fixed #1002: Defect - Plugin Version does not change on update
    • Fixed #1003: Defect: Admin/Reseller statistic shows only the current year
    • Fixed #1004: Defect - Unable to find any network interface. You cannot add new IP address
    • Fixed #1005: Defect - pma_tracker table not locked while importing database
    • Fixed #1006: Defect - Options Indexes not working if PHP is disabled
    • Fixed #1011: Defect: Unable to add domain such as: 1291.com
    • Fixed #1012: Bug - Error when reconfiguring IP through installer (ips option)

    Furthermore, all languages files were synchronized with the last available versions on Transifex.

    We would like to remind you that any bugs found should be reported on our issues tracker.

    Feel free to use this new version and get in touch with us about any improvement that you would like see integrated.

    Major Changes in version 1.1.0
    To known more about major changes included in this release, you can refer to this thread: Major changes in next release (therefore already in current master)


    Thanks you for using i-MSCP.


  • Great work @Nuxwin for the release of the second stable version :P

    You forgot all other in the team ;)


  • Nice to see the new stable version. Hope that we'll test it as soon as possible.
    Congratulations and many thanx to all I-MSCP team for all effort.

  • It's so great to see a new fresh stable version of i-mscp. Congrats and keep on the good work!

  • Thank you for your great work!

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