Busy period for the i- MSCP team

  • Dear community ;

    Busy period for the i- MSCP team ... This week many things will be done:

    • We will migrate our forum to Burning Board (again, thank to all our donators which allowed us to buy a license in few hours) DONE
    • We will release the version 1.1.0 of i-MSCP which is the second stable version
    • We will release several plugins which are now ready for production. These plugins will be made available through a new interface, which allow to keep trace of older versions. Also, in near future, our contributors will be able to sell some of their plugins through this interface. Yea, i-MSCP becomes a bit commercial (online support, plugins selling) but don't worry, i-MSCP has been and will stay free for ever. DONE

    Along this period, some of our services will be temporally unavailable or closed (such as our forum).

    i-MSCP Team


  • Re;

    Forum migration is done. Maybe some details to fix but almost everything should be OK.


  • WoW looks very good now :)

    Greetings "Goodpeace"

  • Re ;

    Should be fixed :dodgy:


  • Hello ;

    Plugin interface is now online. Further plugin will be added ASAP.

    See http://forum.i-mscp.net/filebase/index.php/Filebase/

    Thank you for using i-MSCP