where do i find the perl "imscp-autoinstall"

  • hi
    where do i find the perl "imscp-autoinstall " and perl "imscp-setup" commands
    running either commands from prompt always results in error
    "Can't open perl script "imscp-autoinstall": No such file or directory" or
    Can't open perl script "imscp-setup": No such file or directory


  • wow, this is epic :)

    "imscp-autoinstall " and "imscp-setup" are the installer scripts of imscp, you find them in the folder where you extracted imscp. usually in ./imscp

    so if you just logged in as root into yor server via ssh, you are most probably in /root
    now when you download and extract the imscp archive there, the installer script will be found in /root/imscp-%version%/imscp-autoinstall

    if you use this nightly upgrade script for installation of git master version, the installer script is in /usr/local/src/imscp/imscp-autoinstall

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  • Oh my god... With such a question, I'll become crazy :D

    testlabs As far I known, you are already using i-MSCP since several days... How did you installed it???


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  • whoosa, Nuxwin, whoosa ;)