reseller plan cant link to plan

  • Hello, today testing i see a little bug i think, when you create a hosting plan (reseller) , not its possible link to plan.

    You can make, but later you cant test the plan , you can modify and delete but dont see.

    Using last master from today.

    Compare the demo from this web:

    Plan name sdff

    1. </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td>1</td> <td> <a href="../orderpanel/package_info.php?coid=&amp;user_id=7&amp;id=1" target="_blank" title="Show hosting plan">sdff</a> </td> <td>Enabled</td> <td> <a href="hosting_plan_edit.php?hpid=1" class="icon i_edit">Edit</a> <a href="#" onclick="return action_delete('hosting_plan_delete.php?hpid=1', 'sdff')" class="icon i_delete">Delete</a>

    And the new code:

    plan name basico

    I see the code not its generate correct.

    Confirm pls

    A greet.

  • this feature was removed, because such things should be managed by a billing software. to clarify more detailed:
    the hosting plan feature is there and will be there, to better manage customers in imscp. but orderpanel was removed, to save time maintaining it.
    whmcs, boxbilling, both support showcase, ordering and automatic creation of users.

    btw. i used this feature my self, but still totally agree with its removal :)

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