Full backup and restore easy

  • i would always suggest a full backup, so backup everything in / but exclude /proc /tmp /dev

    now, there are two scenarios to restore a server.
    1. if you want to restore the server on the same machine (after a software fail or something) just copy your full backup back and reboot.

    2. to restore a server on a different machine (different hardware, ip, hostname...)
    install new server with same linux distribution
    copy only /etc/imscp /var/www /var/mail /var/lib/mysql from backup
    change every occurrence of old ip and old hostname in every file in /etc/imscp
    install mysql server, go to mysql cli and change every occurrence of old ip and hostname in database
    install imscp

    scenario 2. is basically the same like a server to server migration, search forum for more detailed description.

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