Problem with mod-fpm when customer has an alias

  • Hi Laurent... Please have a look again on this thread:…iendly?pid=13142#pid13142

    I can reproduce the problem.
    Debian Wheezy (no distupgrade) and the latest master

    Hello ;

    Thanks for your report. I'll investigate ASAP.


  • Ok Laurent... I'd tested it again.
    At first i'd updated the panel.
    Then i'd added an alias to the problem domain. Same error.
    I'd removed the customer and added him again.
    I'd created a simple index.php with the content :

    1. <?phpecho "Hello World";?>

    The site is running. Then i added a alias to this customer. I got the error "NO INPUTFILE...."
    Here the output in the error log of the customer

    1. [Fri May 31 11:09:06 2013] [error] [client] FastCGI: server "/var/lib/apache2/fastcgi/php5.customer-domain.tld.fcgi" stderr: Unable to open primary script: /var/www/virtual/customer-domain.tld/htdocs/index.php (Operation not permitted)


  • Give me the exact domain name , alias name and mount point, and also the pool level you are using.



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  • The domain is "".
    The mountpoint is "/var/www/virtual/"
    This is the passwd entry

    1. vu2013:x:1010:1010:iMSCP virtual user:/var/www/virtual/

    I add only faked alias ""
    The pool is attached...

    Is it possible that there is an old config file after deletion?


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  • Do you have teamviewer? Would be more fast for me and you. I still cannot reproduce so.


  • Re ;

    After some checks on TheCry server via teamviewer, it seem that when using PHP-FPM with per_domain as pool level, pool configuration file for domain aliases are missconfigured. I'll fix now.

    Thank to you Sascha for the session.


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  • Should be fixed in last master. See…d37acf03ff5e85cd4ac191f64

    Thank you for your report and help to find the issue.