2 typos in the current master

  • Hi Laurent,
    i don't want to edit it on my own, because you are working at the moment with the master.
    Take a look on the errordocs.
    The 400 errordoc has the error text 401 in the content.
    Then take a look ob the bw_exceeded errordoc. The body is 2 times in the content..


  • I see only in 400 the Error Code 400

    Also see:


    bw_exeeded i can confirm. Body is inside twice :)

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  • Hello ;

    Thank you both for your report. I'll fix


  • Edit:

    This should be fixed in last master.



    You must remove the /etc/imscp/apache/skel directory before doing the update. In case you do not remove that directory, previous pages will be kept.

    Thank you for your report.


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