[split] i-MSCP Roundcube Password Changer (Dovecot && Courier)

  • I've been using roundcube for a while and i've been more than satisfied (could also say the same thing about my customers).

    Also, why root privileges for roundcube?!? Roundcube gets its users through postfix, it doesn't even access the i-mscp database, it has it's own database that it populates on first logins (at least in my setup).

    I confirm.


  • The roundcube user does not need root privileges.. This user needs only rights to update the column "mail_pass".


    Roundcube gets its users through postfix

    Right... But think about the users... They want to change the password from the webmailer and not from the serverpanel (i-MSCP).
    If they are logged in to the webmailer, they want to have a option to change the password there.

    And i never said that some one should give root rights to the roundcube user...
    In the config.inc.php is only a example...