Gameserver Interface

  • Maybe it is possible to make a Gameserver plugin for i-mscp. Main things would be: Start/Stop/Restart and maybe later some other things like Update or smth else, but that would be enough. The Reseller has to activate it for his customers. Is it possible to make it? How would it look with the Security? I would also write it, but I don't really know how, because there is no Documentation for plugins.

    Thanks for answering,

    your Nathan.

    Edit: I have a good idea how it could look like. The Reseller chooses the customer. Then he can create a gameserver for him, in this menu he can choose a starter script, which is created by admins and then he applies it. Than the plugin creates a new folder in /var/www/virtual-games/customer01/game01 (is only an example) and creates the needed files (from local source, which are created by admin) like the serverconfigs, files... . Now appears a new Button in the customer menu named "Gameservers", there he choses his server and then he can start / stop, etc.

    The plugins also has to create a ftp account in .../customer01/game and the server start / stop scripts have to be placed outsite from there.

    I hope someone can realize it, it would be very very very cool. :)

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  • Maybe for that idea it would be better to code a main plugin, with that you can manage the permissions. Also this plugin should install a central interface into the imscp panel for new plugins.
    After that developers should code individual plugins for just one game. For example minecraft has got an own plugin, css an own plugin and so on.
    Otherwise it will be very hard to support enough games with only one plugin, because all games have got another interface, starterscript...

  • Yes I also tought more off an main plugin, and that every game needs an own configuration or an own plugin.[/align]