Let's Encrypt not working

  • Hi,

    Since this month i have following Problem.

    When issue a new LetsEncrypt Cert for a Host i always geht following Error in Domain Status:

    iMSCP::OpenSSL::validatePrivateKey: Couldn't import SSL private key from /tmp/BQ5IDDHWm2 file: CN = domain.at error 20 at 0 depth lookup: unable to get local issuer certificate

    I already tried following fix from this Thread LetsEncrypt - SSL certificate is not valid

    This solves the issue of creating new valid Letsencrypt certs, i checked them with https://www.sslchecker.com/matcher and they are valid.

    But it seems that the hosting panel has somewhere a old cert to validate and afterwards dont deliver the right one to the apache conf.

    The backend is working fine, here Letsencrypt works its only not working for customer hosts.

    Iam a litte bit desperate at the moment, i hope somebody could help me. Iam also willing to pay for support (e.g. Discordsession) if nessecery.

    With kind regards.