I want to collaborate on this project as a fullstack developer.

  • Hello, I want to collaborate on this project as a developer.

    I have 20 years of experience as a fullstack developer, project manager and architect.
    I do well in:

    bash, sh, python, php, mysql, mssql, oracle, nodejs, a little bit of rust and perl, I have experience and knowledge of debian and ubuntu servers and their services, lxc, libvirt, qemu.

    In addition to developing hardware and software for important companies in the southern cone of America (Chile and Argentina), including a high-performance switch with libpthread for telematics systems.
    I have known about the project for years and I find it brilliant and it saddens me to see that it is not advancing as much as it deserves.
    I am a native Spanish speaker and somewhat slow with English.

    I'm a bit paranoid about security and avoid using corporate platforms, so I use my own instead.

    I can translate into Spanish from Chile, Argentina and Spain.
    I don't like redhat-like servers.
    I hate MS Windows servers.
    I learn fast.