Is there a way to test/install a local composer package like phpMyAdmin or Roundcube?

  • Debian Buster / 1.5.3-maintenance

    At the moment all tools are separated Git repositories and provided as Composer packages:

    I found a switch based on an environment variable (IMSCP_PKG_DEVELOPMENT) in:

    • engine/PerlLib/Package/SqlAdminTools/PhpMyAdmin/
    • engine/PerlLib/Package/WebFtpClients/MonstaFTP/
    • engine/PerlLib/Package/WebmailClients/RainLoop/
    • engine/PerlLib/Package/WebmailClients/Roundcube/

    This env variable impacts the variable packageVersionConstraint and for example in the phpMyAdmin perl file setups an additional repository in composer:

    I checked out my fork to /github/official/imscp-phpmyadmin and thought it would install phpMyAdmin based on this path with:

    1. export IMSCP_PKG_DEVELOPMENT=TRUE ; perl imscp-autoinstall -d -v

    But this is not working as expected. Did I understand something wrong?

    Can someone give me a hint or explanation, on how to install and test all I-MSCP related extensions/tools locally without merging into the dev branches?:shy: