PHP Switcher issue

  • hi there,

    if I click on php switcher in the backend I do get this error message:


    DataTables warning: table id=DataTables_Table_0 - Requested unknown parameter '2' for row 0. For more information about this error, please see

    Its a new I-mscp installation with the latest php switcher installed.


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  • this is a javascript, so a browserside error. to see if datatables gives the error because of php output serverside you need to use your browser dev/inspection tools and show the requested response from php. then we can decide if this error is related to php compatibility of datatables serverside script or really an phswitcher error.

    phpswitcher is a plugin, which only chages php version, if you change the customers php version, you need to get sure before, that your php applications are compatible. or go over to stackoverflow ;)

    i would guess, that after switching to a different php version, your servide script is throwing deprecated warnings into the json response (and so drawing it unusable for datatables) or something like that.

  • Hi flames, i was using the new safari version. Just tried Firefox -> same issue.

    The server is completely empty right now. So testing Is not an issue here.

    Its a complete fresh installation of Debian + iMscp + plugin.

    stay hungry, stay foolish!

  • nextx42, again, show us the related php error, not the browserside javascript error.

    if you don't understand what i mean, please get a local web/php developer to help you.

  • again, this is the browserside error message. you need to show us the serverside message. under dev tools / network tab.

    but please, find help on stackoverflow. here is a support forum for i-MSCP. we can not teach you in webdevelopment which is the case here.

  • sorry but this is a brand new I-mscp and php switcher installation. So for me this is an issue related to I-mscp, because it seems there is an out of the box issue with I-mscp ans phpswitcher. (and it would be great to have this fix in the forum for future users)

    What exactly do you want to see? In Firefox the development / network analysis?

    Thanks for your help.

  • Firstly : You want some kind of support ? Well, wrong location for this post, should be under "support" section

    Secondly : You still want some kind of support ? Well you should follow the reporting rules written there : Reporting rules - Reminder

    Third and last for now : "flames" asked you THE SERVER'S LOGS about the error, why you stick with the browser reports which are useless there ?...

    So now, comply with the rules or thread will be closed... (you are not new here, you should be aware of those rules)