New Install only getting Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page.

  • Hello not new here but I'm new to this CP. I followed this install instructions for the Ubuntu 18.04 on new Ubuntu install. i did have a problem with getting the .gz but I was able to get the file after I went to find it manually. I did have to run the install trice because it needed GUND2 or something like that i installed and ran the install once again. all went well everything finished and I rebooted the server.. when i go to the Ip or the domain it only shows Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page. In not very good at the command line but I'm trying to learn. So my question is did I miss something..

    installed: imscp-1.5.3-2018120800


    MV on Proxmox 6.2

    Headless Ubuntu 18.04

    8 Cores 16GB Ram 8 GB swap

    100 GB hard drive.

  • Hello,

    You have to provide a specific port to connect to control panel (asked during install), else it is the default page of the server or the default page of the main domain.

    I think you missed the specific port to reach the panel.

    Don't forget to open it on the firewall if you have it enabled ;)



  • Ok thank you. So I ran the set up once more and there was a lot more that wasn't presented to me the other day. Now I get an error:

    [ERROR] Servers::named::bind::installer::_buildConf: Couldn't retrieve named (Bind9) version

    [ERROR] autoinstaller::Functions::install: An error occurred while performing installation steps