proftpd download/upload speed

  • Hello,

    Yesterday I noticed that when I upload something to the server with an external program, the upload speed is 50kb.

    Any ideas on how to change the speed at high speed without breaking anything in the control panel?

    OS = Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Bionic

    I-MSCP V. = 1.5.3

    Build = 2018120800

    Plugins = LetsEncrypt , SpamAssassin, PostGrey, Monitorix

    OpEn YouR mINd , OpeN YouR SourcE cOdE

  • By default no transfer upload / download limits are activated in ProFTP.

    Take a look in the config file of ProFTP and check wheter thee is a line like this

    1. TransferRate RETR,STOR,APPE,STOU 2000

    This will limit ftp speed to 2 megabyte per second