Debian Buster n/a

  • Hi,

    I stupidly updated one of my servers to buster, forgetting to check beforehand if Buster is actually supported,

    Glimpsing through the forum I found threads, now have a version that is supposed to support buster.

    Installation stops because it can't detect the os, autoinstaller/Packages/debian-buster exists, but the script is looking for debian-n/a.xml, which of course doesn't exit.

    The setup is currently housed (i-MSCP broken), but the website is functional (only one domain with a forum with more than 1 million posts), so it is no urgent problem, but maybe the fix is easy?

    System info:

    Error is thrown in the

    1. [DEBUG] autoinstaller::Functions::loadConfig: Merging old configuration with new configuration...
    2. [DEBUG] iMSCP::EventManager::_init: Loading /etc/imscp/listeners.d/ listener file
    3. [FATAL] Carp::croak: File does not exist: /usr/local/src/imscp/autoinstaller/Packages/debian-n/a.xml at /usr/local/src/imscp/autoinstaller/Adapter/ line 932.
  • OK, found the solution myself while glimsping through the code.

    I've done a cross-upgrade from Devuan so there was a leftover: /etc/devuan_version, I just removed it, now the installer is working.

    However, I had to remove courier-imap-ssl and courier-pop-ssl from the packages file as it has been merged with the non ssl versions.