Cronjobs disappeared

  • Hello,

    I had deleted a domain in the admin panel. Later I remembered that there was still a cron job going on. After trying to delete the cron, the Cron Jobs section disappeared under System Tools. Under Settings / System administration / Plugin administration stood in Cronjobs:

    > An unexpected error has occurred:

    >Plugin::CronJobs::_writeCronTable: Could not find `vu2017' user entry in passwd file.

    I can not even uninstall or delete the plugin now. Can I manually delete the erroneous entry?



    i-MSCP 1.5.1

    CronJobs Version 1.4.1

    LetsEncrypt Version 3.3.0

    PanelRedirect Version 1.1.5

    PhpSwitcher Version 4.0.3

    Postgrey Version 1.3.0

    RoundcubePlugins Version 2.0.1

    ServerDefaultPage Version 1.2.3

    SpamAssassin Version 2.0.1

  • My solution would be:

    either remove the vu2017 cron entry in the imscp databas

    or add a temp user "vu2017" (or jaust a fake line for it in /etc/passwd) and then remove the cron job - ander afterwards the temp user/fake entry...

    Seems the removal of a domain does not remove cron jobs belonging to this domain...


  • Wolle_GC

    That would be awesome if you could report that unexpected behavior on our bug tracker. When an account is removed, the CronJobs plugin should also remove the cron jobs that belong to that account. This is at least the expected behavior when the plugin is enabled and us working correctly.

    A problem can arises if the cronjob plugin was disabled or wasalready in error state. If so the cron jobs won't be removed automatically.

    Anyway, we should add a fix here to avoid such errors. If the owner (unix user) of some cron jobs doesn't longer exists on the system (orphaned cronjobs), those should be removed from the database without further treatment. In a perfect world, this should be achieved with a fk constraint (cascade deletion) but the current i-MSCP database schema make this difficult.

    Thank you.