Migration User from one server to another...

  • Hi all,

    are there possibilities and/or tutorials to migrate a single user from one server to another (with mail, webcontent and databaseses and all passwords without interaction of that user self) ?

    On both server is i-mscp, on the source is i-MSCP 1.5.4 Build: 20180606, on the target is i-MSCP 1.5.3 Build: 2018120800

    Thanks for some hints

    Greetings from the OreMountains in Germany


  • Good evening,

    There is not such a feature at this moment but a script could do the job. The hard part is about dump of specific rows from the i-MSCP database to re-import them in the other imscp database. Also, you need update the customer address IP in both domain and domain_aliasses tables, reset some columns to the NULL value in the admin table and so on. For the rest, that is about using rsync and triggering an 'toadd' task once all data are in place on the target server. There is surely other details to take into consideration, depending on the plugin in use...