PHPSwitcher + Debian 9 + PHP 5.6 error with bison 3

  • Hello,

    I'm triing to install a fresh new Debian 9.8 with imscp 1.5.3-2018120800 with PHP 7.1 by default, and then installed phpswitcher. And when trying to add support to php 5.6 ("perl --auto-setup 5.6"), it says that the Bison 3.0 is not supported with php 5.6, so there is no way to add php 5.6. (

    I have others servers with imscp, and the only thing that it's different is that we added PHP 5.6 by default on imscp (and not 7.1), and I think that then the bison version installed is 2.x.

    So I checked the documentation on php and says that php 7 supports bison > 2.4 (


    • PHP 5.6: >= 2.4, < 3.0
    • PHP 7.0 - 7.3: 2.4 or later (including Bison 3.x)
    • PHP 7.4: > 3.0

    So I think that maybe the version installed by default can be the bison 2.x in order to have compatibility with php 5.6 ¿?

    The only solution is to add php 5.6 by default on imscp Nuxwin ?



  • Good morning,

    The bison message can be ignored. You shouldn't assume anything without knowning how things are working. When you report a problem on our forums, you need provide us with full information. Next time, just provide us with your distribution /codename and PhpSwitcher PHP compiler output.

    You should also search on our forums before posting.

    Please read the following thread, apply the fixes and retry:

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