i-MSCP adding own host in BIND when A record set to external server.

  • Hello everybody,

    I have a new issue, I recently moved some domains from an old ispCP server to a new i-MSCP server 1.5.3.

    One of the domains I moved had an A redirect to an external IP in the "Add DNS Resource record" section.

    Ex: @ in A -> External IP

    The problem is that i-MSCP also adds the server IP to the A hosts, resulting in :

    When it *SHOULD* be just 1 IP in A (the external one) So, the virtual/htdocs is empty because it's supposed to redirect, and the customer gets an error.

    My Question, how can I prevent i-MSCP to add into BIND it's own IP and just leave what I set in DNS Resource Record.

    The server acts as a Master Bind server linked to 2 slave servers which are set to control all customer domains. (Ex: customer.com in ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com and master i-MSCP NS is customer.com and slaves ns1&ns2)

    I also experienced the same problem when I moved the main domain for the panels from one of the slave servers to another, it kept adding a record with another A ip to ns1.mydomain.com, resulting in some errors for customers, i had to copy all the records from the slave NS servers to the customer server where i just copied the domain.

    Also, another question related to BIND, what is the correct syntax to add secondary NS servers to /etc/imscp/bind/bind.data and how do I make i-MSCP implement the new settings in named.conf.local after adding / removing a NS. i tried ip,ip - ip;ip - ip ip, nothing seems to work, i still had to manually change each zone in named.conf.local in order to transfer the zones to the slaves.


  • Good evening,

    Regarding your first question, that currently not possible without make usage of an i-MSCP listener file. See https://github.com/i-MSCP/imsc…ed_override_default_rr.pl for an exemple. Without a listener file, there will be two different record resulting to the so-called Round Robin DNS technique (kind of load balancing).

    Regarding your second question:

    Normally, the parameters from the /etc/imscp/bind/bind.data file are filled by the i-MSCP installer. Best is to trigger a reconfiguration and just answer the related questions:

    1. perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -dr named

    Then, when the installer ask you if you want to add slave DNS servers, you need to say yes, and in next dialog, provide the IP address(es) of your secondary DNS server(s). At the end, i-MSCP will regenerate the various DNS configuration files, taking the new parameters into account.


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