Can't create email accounts - Fresh i-MSCP install (1.5.3)

  • Hi!

    I've being using i-MSCP for a long time now in my server. Today I've installed and configured i-MSCP in a new server, fresh install with v1.5.3 and when I try to create emails from the customer panel, it says:

    "You cannot create new mailboxes for that domain. Only forwarded mail accounts are allowed."

    Any idea why this could be happening?

    Thanks in advance.

    OS: Ubuntu 16.04

    EDIT: I have only one domain, "". Now, what i saw is that its allows me to create emails on a subdomain of (lets says, but no for "". In my main server, my main domain is and I can create emails with that domain.

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  • Ok, fixed by changing SERVER_HOSTNAME in /etc/imscp/imscp.conf to, for example, instead of patalibro.comar (also of course updated this in /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname).