More than a wish

  • Hi guys,

    First, i will say thank you for your great work. :thumbsup:

    Now my wishes (i like lists8o

    1. Panel

    1.1. Login in Adminpanel - Page Overview

    - Please make it more useful. Perhaps more than one table with a overview from services, protokoll. View as Dashboard.

    1.2. Grouping of mail adresses

    - I want categories where I can assign accounts. For example, members, administrators or boss, employees, department

    1.3. Settingspage

    - Give options in the settings from the panel to activate, disable or configure parts of plugins. In example in RoundcubePlugins calendar off and sieve on or Postgrey settings for delaytime and message. Or for Postscreen own blacklists.

    - Option to set all lists by default to 50,100 or more, not only for domains.

    1.4. OpenBase Restriktions

    - Please give us the possibility to define your own OpenBase settings via input field.

    1.5. Menu

    - The menu is big, thats ok. Maybe it's possible to set on all layers (admin, reseller, customer) per default links to webmail, webftp, pma.

    2. Webmailer

    - Rewrite URL from to per default (https/http)

    3. Install process Imcp

    3.1. Plugins:

    - If i want in the installprogress of imscp dovecot and as webmailer roundcube, it is a logical step i install the plugins. I think that happens in most cases, correct me if I am wrong. It would be a nice option if extensions were already selectable in the installation process.

    3.2. Sieve

    - Install dovecot-sieve and dovecot-managesieve per default if dovecot selected and if RoundcubePlugins later installed, enabled sieve in Plugins automatic.

    4. Plugins in general

    - Carefully asked: OwnDDNS Is the project still alive?

    I think that's enough for the moment. :angel: Maybe you can do a survey, which could be useful.

    Thank you

    Es gibt viele Wege Danke zu sagen, der Einfachste ist das auch zu tun.

    Herzlichen Dank - Merci beaucoup -- Большое спасибо -- Thank you very much -- Muchas gracias

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