SPAM filter // no marked as spam mails in inbox

  • Hi there,

    we are using SpamAssassin & Postgrey with our server. But one customer complains, that a certain mail got lost without any notice. The junk folder is constantly empty and there are no notifications to the user like "i've blocked this mail XY". Is this how it should be? Can i enable some kind of user notification when a mail to his or her inbox gets blocked?

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  • Hi

    postgrey prevents postfix from accepting a mail "on the first try" (reject with "temporary error"). If the mail is sent a second time, it's accepted. There are only problems if the sending server is always a different one.

    spamassassin on the other hand has a look at the mail which was accepted and is being delivered to the mailbox - it writes the spam points in the mail header (and maybe adds the original mail to a spam report) but the mail is delivered to the inbox. If the user has some filter rules which moves the "***SPAM***" Mails to another folder... then it should be there.

    So - theese two components do not definitively reject mails. It's possible that the mail cannot be accepted because every time the mail arrives, it comes from a different server -> should be go back to sender after 4 or 5 days.

    If the mail has been accepted then it's somewhere in the maildir of the customer.

    More infos might be available when having a look in the mail.log - but one should know when/from where etc theese "certain mails" are....

    Hope this helps


  • joximu that was my understanding too.

    But it seems that there are no ***SPAM*** mails at all. And the Mail didn't reach the users inbox. So i would check the mail.log now. Could you provide me with the path to the file?

    Thanks for your help!!

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  • Could you provide me with the path to the file?