DKIM error

  • Good morning,

    i've got this error message back from a recipient mail server:

    1. said: 550 DKIM authentication has failed; DKIM authentication may fail if
    2. DKIM key length is < 1024, the signatures body hash doesn't match, DKIM
    3. record issues exist, etc. (in reply to end of DATA command)

    I do use the DKIM plugin and i-mscp 1.5.2

    Any ideas what i have to check or change to fix this?

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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  • This tells me there is no DKIM record for default?!

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  • Maybe, the DNS record is missing. The OpenDKIM-Plugin usually uses the DKIM selector "mail", not "default".

    If you don't want to post your domain publicly, you can send me a PM with a screenshot/your config.

  • hmm...

    i've checked the doku again. We do use an external DNS server so this is what we have to do regarding to the manual:


    Usage of an external DNS server

    If you make use of an external DNS server (not the one managed by i-MSCP), you must not forget to add the DKIM and ADSP DNS resource records in the zone of your domain.

    Each domain has one DKIM and one ADSP DNS resource records and each subdomain has one ADSP resource record.

    Unfortunately there is no example.

    What would be the right entry for ""?

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  • If you have enabled DKIM for the domain (reseller side), you should be able to see the record at the client side: /client/opendkim. The records shown are those that you need to add manually in your DNS zone. You can even copy the rdata part in the clibboard.


  • You probably just have to change "default" to "mail".

    Sorry i don't understand what i have to change and where?

    If I understood Nuxwin correctly there should be able to see the records and copy them to the external dns. But there are no records?

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