i-MSCP LetsEncrypt plugin v3.4.0 RELEASED

  • Dear customers,

    A new version of the LetsEncrypt plugin has just been released. This is a maintenance version with few enhancements.


    Version compatible with i-MSCP Serie 1.4.x, 1.5.x


    • Added: Bulgarian translation file (Bulgaria)
    • Enhancement: Show next SSL certificate renewal date (automation) in UI (admin, client)
    • Fixed: Cron task for the pending tasks aborts too early due to check on SQL server status (Closes: #IP-1774)
    • Fixed: Cron task for SSL certificates renewal aborts too early due to check on SQL server status (Closes: #IP-1774)
    • Fixed: IDE inspections (PhpStorm), CS fixes (backend)
    • Removed: Local frontend side checks for the /.well-known/acme-challenge URL path reachability.
    • Removed: 'include_altnames' plugin configuration parameter: customers can now add DNS names (SANs) by themselves
    • Renamed: 'pending_wait' plugin configuration parameter to 'pending_policy'
    • Renamed: 'renew_before_expiry' plugin configuration parameter to 'renewal_policy'
    • Review: Default policy for SSL certificate renewal (automation) now set to 10 days
    • Updated: Certbot from version 0.15.0 to version 0.24.0
    • Updated: Translation files
    • Updated: Unit tests

    Update Notes

    Plugin configuration parameters

    Subject alternative names (DNS names)

    Customers can now add up to 100 DNS names to their SSL certificates without having to rely on system administrator. By default their are no restrictionsmade on DNS names apart domain name validation.

    System administrator can enable strict validation for DNS names by setting the value of the dns_names_strict_validation plugin configuration parameter to TRUE. In such a case, customers are only allowed to add DNS names that are part of the domain for which the SSL certificate is or has been issued.

    Alternative URLs

    The include_altnames plugin configuration parameter for addition of the domains bound to the alternative URLs as subject alternative name of SSL certificate has been removed. Customers can now add subject alternative names in their SSL certificates.

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