Use userdata in external software

  • Hello,

    i want to use the userdata in an external software, programmed in php.
    I need access to the user-loginname, the user-loginpassword and the userdata like name, address etc.

    Yes i could just select the entry of the database, but the password is crypted. How can i do a login from an external php-script?
    Is there any API?


  • I know about this file. But this is not what i mean.
    I want to do the login from another programm. Like fo example from an other vhost.
    But if i should use this file, the vhost should have access to this file too.

  • You should be able to implement your own login routine by analyzing the above mentioned code.



  • Can someone tell me, how to use imscp-code in an other php-script? I don't think, that i only can include the two files you linked above?