No deleting subdomain :(

  • Hello!

    I have a problem that I have been good so far and I do not know what they
    did, I have restarted vps several times, but unfortunately I do not
    delete the subdomains. It writes hours later that it is being canceled.

    Something they did with it, it does not work since then, I started vps several times and separately imscp_daemon, but it did not improve.


    i-MSCP 1.5.1
    Build: 20170908
    Codename: Ennio Morricone

    Server: Debian 8 64 bit.


  • Hello raptor666,

    Can you please post some log files?
    Which plugins you have installed?
    PHP implementation?

    Can you please try to activate the Debug-Mode an have a look if you get there some notifications, if no please give us the output of perl /var/www/imscp/imscp-rqst-mngr -v

    Support Infos: I-MSCP Version: 1.5.x / Distro: Debian Stretch / PHP: 7.1.27 - FPM / I-MSCP Plugins: Let´s Encrypt + PHPSwitcher (latest Versions)