php switcher - php version 7.2

  • @oekowalti

    I'll add support for it soon.


  • Good morning,

    Still in progress. It will require i-MSCP 1.5.4 which is still in heavy development ;) There will be also PHP 7.3 ;)


  • hey @Nuxwin,

    do you have news for php 7.2 & php 7.3 update/support in this plugin ?

    i-mscp itself support only 7.1. at the moment, i have tried also with manual install and then via autoinstall perl script of i-mscp with php, but it only likes 7.1

    my idea was, to get php 7.2 or better 7.3 with this plugin working ?

    i think there is no other way, to get php 7.2 or php 7.3 working at the moment with i-mscp itself ?

    thanks in advance :-)

  • do you have news for php 7.2 & php 7.3 update/support in this plugin ?

    Good evening,

    PHP 7.2 and 7.3 versions will be provided in the next PhpSwitcher plugin version. They will be also supported in the next i-MSCP 1.5.3 maintenance release.

    If you cannot wait, you can always update your i-MSCP installation to the latest snapshot of the i-MSCP 1.5.3 maintenance branch in which support for these versions has been already added:…/1.5.3-maintenance.tar.gz

    However, you must keep in mind that we don't provide support for the development version of i-MSCP. Of course, if you report a bug, we will fix it.


  • Good evening @Nuxwin,

    thanks for fast reply - i can wait, no problem - i look only for a way in the next time (1-3 months round about) to get it working together with i-mscp - perfect would be php 7.3

    Do you have any schedule for next php-switcher version release as well for the i-mscp 1.5.3, where also php 7.2 & 7.3 will be supported ?

    One last question - do you recommend to use already 7.3 as main php version in i-mscp or better only with php-switcher?

    thanks in advance

  • The next PhpSwitcher version, and the next i-MSCP maintenance release for the 1.5.3 version will be both provided before end of april.

    When using the PhpSwitcher plugin, I would recommend PHP 7.3 as default PHP version for the customers. But this mostly depend on your current setup and on the version your customers are relying on.

    Note that in the next maintenance release, The i-MSCP control panel, including addons such as RainLoop, Roundcube, PhpMyAdmin... will be run through PHP 7.3, regardless of the selected PHP version for the customers. So, if you select PHP 7.2 as PHP version for the customers, the installer will install both PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 versions. However, only the selected PHP version will be made available for the customers. Without the PhpSwitcher plugin, there is no way to provide alternate PHP versions to customers.

    Another thing to note is that in the next PhpSwitcher plugin version, most of PHP versions will be provided through the Ondrey Sury repository (transitional), and in a near future, they will be provided by our own repository.

    In the hope that the situation is clarified.


  • @Nuxwin,

    perfect :-)
    everything clarified & a lot of additional information around

    everything is then included at next releases, what i need

    Thank you so much !