After changing password my email all not functioning (using relay postfix)

  • Im having this issue

    (the email working correctly until i change the email password then all cock up)

    (2nd time) for update password
    i update via /etc/imscp/listender.d

    then run perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -danv

    when i use my website send mail get this error from my mail

    You getting this message because an error detected while delivered your email.
    You are welcome to post a support issue.
    The log to paste with your support issue:
    Token has been expired or revoked.(invalid_grant)


    Using -MSCP 1.5.1

    mail shows sasl error /var/log/mail.log

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  • Hello,

    I used the smarthost listener also some time ago. Maybe you have the same problem like I had.

    Take a look at the relay password file. Default path is "/etc/postfix/relay_passwd", as far as you haven't changed it in the listener file ($saslPasswdMapsPath).

    You might have the same account with 2 different passwords in it. If that's the case, just remove the file and rerun the i-MSCP setup.

  • I have tried delete the relay_passwd and relay_passwd.db

    and recreate using
    i update via /etc/imscp/listender.d

    then run perl /var/www/imscp/engine/setup/imscp-reconfigure -danv

    and the result still same. not sure where is the problem =(

  • OK i found my problem

    it works perfectly fine just only some of my people mess up with my settings in Auth from google.

    by the way

    TO SET RELAY use above link works perfectly