How to make some virtualhost use two ips

  • I am using i-MSCP 1.5.1

    For maintenance tasks and also for costumers development I want some virtualhosts to attend from another ip besides the main one.

    The second ip is virtual supplied by the openvpn service running on my server. From this VPN I want to do all the maintenance and development tasks for some clients.

    The issue of the alias of the name, I resolve it by putting a line in /etc/apache2/imscp/domain.example.conf, but the issue of the second ip I do not know how to solve it.

    Please, any ideas on how to resolve the access from the wan and the vpn to some or all of the virtual hosts ...?

    Thank you very much in advance..!


  • @alusan

    You can make use of the listener file.


  • You're welcome.

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