Migrate a 1.2.9 i-mscp to 1.4 and migrate to a new server

  • Hi there,

    i want to migrate my 1.2.9 installation to a new server.

    What i've done:

    - installed a new Debian with mySQL server
    - imported all DBs from Server 1.2 to the new server
    - copied /var/www/virtual and /var/mail/virtual to the new server

    What do i have to do next?

    I should start the i-mscp installation on the new server right? But do i start the regular new installation process or just some kind of upgrade process?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    stay hungry, stay foolish!

  • actually i would prefer to migrate to a new server first and update there, because on the old machine the update is not possible without changes.

    In the "Serverumzug" threat they are installing i-mscp first and after the install they are importing the old databases. Don't i have to import the old i-mscp database first ?


    stay hungry, stay foolish!

  • No. You install a fresh imscp version and then copy the data (mail, www, imscp, db) into the directories created by the installation. Then restart the setup.