i-MSCP 1.4.7 - Postfix/Cyrus-SASL - Courier-Authdaemon - SASL authentication failure

  • Hallo to all,

    I've upgradet to version 1.4.7. from 1.4.3 and now its not possible to send mail neither with nor without encryption. Webmail says authentication fails, telnet connection on port 25 is ok, ehlo answer looks god but rcp to does it not...and all mailclients say, that authentificantion fails...

    rcpt to:[email protected]
    554 5.7.1 <[email protected]>: Relay access denied

    Receiving runs well - affected all my servers which run imscp. One of these hosts som custumer mailaccounts and they are not very amused...:(
    I have no Idea what is to do.
    Neither auth.log nor mail.info nor mail.log gives a hint

    System is Debian Jessie 8.8, it is a vServer

    What could be wrong now?

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  • @hempelr

    I answered to your private conversation.


  • @hempelr

    After investation, it seem that there is restrictions on some vm such as openvz under which some mount operations are prohibited, such as marking / as shared. Thus, because this was the first mount operation, all others were ignored, including mount of /var/run/courier/authdaemon to /var/spool/postfix/private/authdaemon.

    I'll fix that issue in version 1.4.8. For now, I've commented out the first entry in the /etc/imscp/mounts/mounts.conf, allowing other mount operations to be done.

    See also: After upgrading to 1.4.6 "courier authdeamon: no such file or directory"


  • A fix has been added in our development branch.


    This fix will be part of next release.

    Thank you for your report.
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