ClamAV plugin v1.3.0 RELEASED

  • Dear community,

    A new version of the ClamAV plugin has just been released

    Version compatible with i-MSCP Serie ≥ 1.4.x


    • Enhancement: Automatically initialize ClamAV databases
    • Enhancement: Automatically install distribution packages
    • Fixed: Delay restart of ClamAV services on i-MSCP upgrade/reconfiguration
    • Fixed: Don't raise error on plugin uninstallation if clamav-milter configuration file is missing (package removed)
    • Fixed: Stop and disable ClamAV services on plugin deactivation
    • Fixed: Quote any metacharacter in clamav-milter option regexp
    • Removed: `AllowSupplementaryGroups` configuration parameter (no supported by clamav-milter version ≥ 0.99.2)
    • Removed: Support for i-MSCP 1.3.x Serie

    Thank you for using our plugins.