Support for address extension (+ sign)

  • Hi there,

    google and apple are supporting the "plus syntax" in E-Mail addresses. Is this possible to integrate to i-mscp?

    So i could use this syntax for registrations on websites etc. john.doe+[WHATEVER]@domain.tld

    stay hungry, stay foolish!

  • Good evening,

    Support for address extension (what is called email alias under gmail) has been added in i-MSCP version 1.3.2.

    You create an i-MSCP email account and then, on an external Website, you register with an email alias of your imagination.
    For instance:

    • You create the john-doe@domain.tld i-MSCP email account
    • You register on an external website with email alias such as: john-doe+computer@domain.tld

    Then, Postfix* will deliver any mail sent to john-doe+computer@domain.tld to john-doe@domain.tld mailbox and the mail will be placed in the computer subfolder.

    *In reality, that is not Postfix that will deliver the mail but the delivery agent which is either the Dovecot LDA or the Maildrop MDA, depending on the PO server you're using (Dovecot or Courier).

    See also:

    Above links refer to changes that were made in i-MSCP version 1.3.2 for the Dovecot LDA. If you use Courier as PO server, this is also supported (through maildrop MDA).

    And for a better understanding of the feature, see:…example-com-with-postfix/